March/April 1983 Change To Script Logo And Model Names

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May 14, 2012
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Looks like the change happened in March 1983 based on this article I just translated from Vintage Guitar Vol. 8.

Apparently the "T" was added to model names and the logo changed then.

This boundary is a bit fuzzy an we have documented the Spaghetti logo being replaced in the UK with the BLOCK logo in the fall of 1982, but this gives us a date to work with and to fact check.

Aricle posted in part below.
The "TE" series continued with these final lineups until 1983, but in March of the same year it transitioned to the TTE" series, completing its mission in about four years. It can be said that the slyle of "TE", which focused on practicality while increasing the degree of replication, was full of the charm typical of Tokai, which pursued both precision and functional beauty.

Transition to "TTE" series

Tokai has added a "T" to the beginning of all replica models since April 1983 in response to this the "TE" series was transitioned to the "TTE series with the specifications unchanged. Essentially only the logo design was changed from the previous logo, which resembled a Fender was replaced by a new type (the so-called T logo'") that was easily readable as Tokai.

The lineup has been changed to:
"TTE-200"/"TTE-80"/"TTE-70"/"TTE-55"/ "TTE-50", and also "TTE-150"/"TTE-60". was added

The "TTE-150" is equipped with a string bender and is completely made to order. a specification made possible by Tokai's exclusive patent agreement for the string bender.

"TTE-60" is a cost performance version of the "TTE-200", and its material was different from "TTE-200 In addition the "TTE-60TM" (available in two colors wine red and naturall with a tortoiseshell mahogany top wrapped in cell binding will be available in December 1983 with a limited edition to 200 pieces. It has been announced.

In 1984 the "TE" series further expanded with the addition of the Belize version of the "TE-70" but since then Tokai has used new materials such as TALBO with an aluminum body and MAT with a carbon material. Due to the tocus on original products. the lineup of the"TTE" series was gradually reduced, and production ended in the late 1980s.


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