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Fs/ft Vesta Graham vgc 1000 1979 hi end mij 335

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May 29, 2021
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7.5 lbs of fat necked 335 goodness..super hi end mij build but with a large neck and all nitro finish as well as some hi end hand crafted details that helps it punch above its weight..$1100 shipped or trade for a fatter neck solidbody..some info about the company:
esta Graham was a brand created by Hidesato Shiino in 1978. Shiino was one of the founders of ESP and after leaving founded Shiino Musical instruments Corporation and PACO studio to meet the needs of professional musicians. Vesta Graham was the first brand launched by Shiino Musical Instruments. Vesta Graham instruments were truly high-end, hand made using the best materials and components, an attribute common amongst the brands Shiino created.

This guitar is a VGC 1000, a semi acoustic model with an original price of the ¥100,000 making it an expensive guitar at the time. As such it was made to a very high standard, featuring a one-piece mahogany neck with striped (Macasser) ebony fretboard and mother of pearl markers of a design unique to Vesta Graham. If you look at the back of the headstock, you’ll notice there are no wings. The neck is bound with the frets featuring fret edge binding, as well as fret over binding. Tuners are US made Grovers, an expensive addition at the time. The nut is somewhat unique as well, with an angled (rather than flat) bottom, as was done on Martin guitars prior to their going to CNC. Neck profile is large, especially for 335 style guitars made at this time.

The guitar is built like a 335, with a full-length center block and features a long tenon. The center block is made of Mahogany, rather than maple. The TOM style bridge is solid brass and the pickups are Gotoh PAF, listed as 'Vesta Graham original' in catalogs, which sound excellent in this guitar. The body is finished in a nitro lacquer Tobacco Sunburst over 3D mahogany grain and the nitro has patina that looks and feels great
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