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May 14, 2012
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Just wanting to collect examples of these unusual guitars as I come across them.

Note: The rosewood version has a rosewood slab on a U neck. A stamp. Maple version is a V neck.

1984 catalog

TST-80 (R) 1960 MODEL PHOTO (7)
•Solid alder contoured body
•Neck: (R) Rosewood fingerboard laminated on maple neck ('60U)
•Single-coil Dimarzio VS- I pickups
•3-ply laminated white pickguard
•1 volume, 2 tone controls
•5-position selector switch
•Traditional style hardware
•With tremolo unit

•Finishes: (R) GSR, YSOR, OWR. BBR. MRR


TST-80 (M) 1954 MODEL PHOTO (3)(4)
•Solid alder contoured body
•Neck: (M) Male one piece neck ('54V)
Single-coil Dimarzio VS-1 pickups
•A single-layer white pickguard
• 1 volume, 2 tone controls
•5-position PU selector switch
•Traditional style hardware
•With tremolo unit

•Finishes: (M) GS, YSO, OW, BB, MR


1984 catalog detail shot:

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Goldstar identification needed

Hi John,

Is it similar to this?


This is a TST-80 according to this article--round string guide, V-shape neck, steel tremelo block, and--what do you know--laquer (nitro) finish (says so in top paragraph)! Do your pickups have little orangy-yellow rubber "pickup cushions" instead of springs between the pickup screws and the pickup under the scratchplate?--I'm pretty sure the top paragraph says this model has those too, as some Springys with E pickups do. If they're not there I'm not sure it proves anything really as these do deteriorate over time and crumble, and could have been replaced with standard springs.

This page doesn't say anything about pickup model, but I've never seen or heard of a Goldstar with E pickups. Elsewhere in this article, there is reference to E pickups being for Springy models (and I am assuming by this NOT for Goldstars). Is there a stamp that says "A" or "B" on the plastic under the scratchplate? If there is and it says "B" chances are your scratchplate is a transplant. However, again, I'm not sure if Goldstars have these quality indicators on their scratchplates. On Springys I'm pretty sure the "A" stamp was put on ST-60s and up.

One way or another, with a V-neck and nitro finish this is almost certainly a TST-80. I'm a big fan of the "U" stamp pickups--I find them a little mellower sounding than the "E" stamped ones. Any photos? How is it to play?



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2012 post.

Note similarities to post #5 above.


I recently acquired a Tokai Strat model in trade and was told it was an " '84 Goldstar Sound ST-80"....

Here's what I know:

- finish appears to be original CAR (Metallic Red in Tokai-speak?);

- pickups are grey bottom with "E" stamps and all other electronics appear original;
- maple neck with an obvious "V" back carve, vintage-sized frets and 7.25" radius, pre-CBS Fender headstock shape, a single round "Tele-style" string tree, and gold Script Logo ("Clapton-style" cig burn included!);
- Neckplate is stamped with just 4 digits (2330);
- saddles are stamped "Final Prospec".
-all 3 pots marked A250K ohm;
- 5-way switch marked "351";
- All pickup leads are cloth covered;
- Front cavity for pots/switch stamped "9=4 MR Y";
- Butt of neck stamped "9=4";
- Tuners stamped "DELUXE";
- Full-size trem block is steel (confirmed with a magnet).

Help identify my Tokai: Goldstar Sound ST-80?
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Mislabeled TST80.....

TST60 ?

4 digit serial number...

SN 2169

V neck

E pickups

1983 ?

即決85800円[トーカイ][TOKAI] GOLDSTAR SOUND[... - ヤフオク!


Early 1980's "Tokai" GOLDSTAR SOUND "TST-60/Maple Neck/Black" has been maintained. Serial number "2169". The main parts are fully original (the arm is also original). However, the spring cover is an external product on hand, but it is almost perfect and there is no change in the screw hole. The pickup is "E" stamped, the tremolo block is made of steel, and the saddle is made by "FINAL PROSPEC". Wiring for controls etc. is fully original (confirmed). Since it is a used The water seal of the head logo is beautiful without burning. Plated parts such as pegs, saddles, and screws are cleaned as much as possible. There is almost no decrease in frets. Please make your own adjustments as necessary. Please confirm the state with an image. Please make a successful bid for "TST-60 " at this opportunity. We have done as much maintenance as possible, such as cleaning the body and parts, frets and fingerboards, and replacing strings, so you can use it immediately. Since there is no case, I will pack it strictly and send it. Please refer to the images and comments when bidding. Please wait until the auction ends. Please refrain from complaints or cancellations after a successful bid because it is a second-hand product. Also, we cannot accept cancellation of bids during the auction, so please wait until the auction ends. The packing shipping fee is 2700 yen for Okinawa and Hokkaido, and 2200 yen for Kyushu to Tohoku. Please transfer according to the amount of money for a successful bid. * Please contact us if you have a specific arrival time.

(Added at 12:53 on March 12, 2023)
According to the research, it corresponds to "TST-60 (1954)". The neck is a "soft V" shape. Thank you for your consideration.

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.12.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.11.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.11.39 PM.png
Scan 2.jpeg


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After acquiring a few early '54 Model Tokai Goldstar TST-60s recently and reviewing this thread along with catalog information I've come to the conclusion that it's very difficult to visually differentiate between a '54 Model TST-60 and TST-80. They both have 4 digit serial numbers and V-profile necks. The only real difference seems to be the stock PUs and the lacquer vs. poly finish. I appreciate the dedication required to pull together the information here but would question whether some of the Goldstar's with maple fretboards on this thread are actually TST-80s unless they have the model sticker on the back of the neck or underside shots of the PUs.
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Thanks for that.

What is confusing is that TST60 guitars are supposed to have a 5 digit serial number up until spring of 1986 when the number system changes, and yet I have found 4 digits like the one above in post #14 and so has bluejeannot.

I need to go back through my catalogs, but there seemed to be a shift in the 50/60 line re: neck profiles. bluejeannot and I beat that one to death in one of these htreads. I will try to find it and link it here.

Here is the serial number scheme from Toaki's own 1982 catalog.

Scan 2.jpeg
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Neck profiles on 60 level ST>TST guitars changed between 1982 and 1984.

1982 catalog specs for Springys.

ST50 U neck
ST60 U neck


1984 catalog specs for Goldstars.

TST50 '58U neck
TST60 '54V neck

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So in 1983 the 60 had E pickups and the 80 shifted to VS-1 I believe.

In 1984 the 60 had V marked pickups and the T80 had VS-1.
And I believe the "A" neck stamp was on the 80.

Have you or anyone else seen and "A" stamp on a verifiable 60?
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I am starting to wonder if the "A" stamp indicates nitro finish?

Obviously the "A" stamp doesn't just mean a V neck if the rosewood version of the TST80 has a U neck.

Anyone ever seen an A stamp on a V neck TST60? Which would be poly finish.

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