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Oct 5, 2023
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Newbie here and have just become the proud owner of the black TOKAI in the pics. Are there any experts out there who might be willing to help with a bit more info please? From the headstock I believe it's a 1983 or maybe early 84? I've no idea what model it is. (st50/60/70?)

1. The bridge pickup had been replaced with an SD twin rail....original missing
2. The original 11 hole pickguard has been removed and kept safely complete with some pretty poor wiring and original U pickups (N&M)...don't know whether it's the real original pickguard however! Were they 11 hole or 8 hole?
3. The body seemed to have holes for both so I have used a new 8 hole black one with the SD and Yosemite pups .. just because I like the look of it!!

4. The headstock lettering was pretty poor so I have (carefully) nitro lacquered to preserve what remained...hence the glossy headstock.

5. Number on the neck plate is 14167....but I've no idea if it's the original

anyone out there willing to share some knowledge for a newbie? 😂



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It was built November 1982. An ST50 as per U stamped pickups. The rest of the wiring and pots are not original. I also have a block logo guitar stamped 11=12 so more than likely they arrived in the UK on the same shipment. The first number in the code is the month it was made. That type of logo was only used for a Short period and just for the UK, mid 82 to early 83, hence accurate dating of yours.
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Pick guard should be single ply 8 hole. Saddles are not original either.
Thanks Ato! All good information to know. Anyone know what the correct saddles should be? Although I love the brass keyholes! It also has a steel block fitted.

Do the 'U' pickups indicate an ST50 for sure?....
.....thanks folks
Correct serial number

U pickups were original

Pots, cap changed.

Bridge saddles have been changed obviously.

Rare decal, bummer about the damage, but worth preserving.
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Thanks Ato! All good information to know. Anyone know what the correct saddles should be? Although I love the brass keyholes! It also has a steel block fitted.

Do the 'U' pickups indicate an ST50 for sure?....
.....thanks folks
See the block logo gallery I linked above.

Yes ST50. String tree and pickups give it away. Should be a U neck.

Final Prospec bridge with detachable steel block would be original I believe.

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Brilliant thank you SO much everyone!
The U pickups sound good to me but naturally I need to source a bridge pup and re do some wiring to try to bring it back to as original as possible. I guess an aged white 3ply 8 hole would be the right option.

When it came to me it had totally the wrong saddles (about 9.9mm keyholes) so I changed them. So, thanks to your help I have an ST 50 because of the U pickups; the serial number and /or the stencilled numbers in the body and neck? (tbh, I don't really understand the numbering options on the models. Is the st50 the cheaper version?)
Dare I ask: what is it about the string tree that indicates ST50?
I've taken a pic of the neck....I'm this a 'U' neck? The radius is about 7.1/2" - 8" least per my cheapie gauge!

Thanks again folks
It originally had a 1 ply pick guard.

it is supposed to be a 1958 replica with a '58 U neck.
1982 catalog

'58 model (ST60, 50) It may be mistaken for ‘54 at first glance, but it features a U shape neck and a parallel 2 way string guide.

I guess the string guide really wasn't defining of the ST50 until mid 1983 when the models changed and the TST60 had a '54 V neck and the round guide. Before that ST50 and 60 had the '58 U neck and that string guide.

So the U pickups are the tell that it is an ST50.
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You’re welcome.

The serial numbers were model specific between Feb 1982 and spring 1986.

The 5 digit number is for 1956-1960 Fender copy models.

The ink stamped numbers are production codes. The first number is the month. The second number is some sort of batch number it seems.

Scan 2.jpeg
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Awesome info, thanks again!

So, I'm current custodian of a 1982/3 ST50 model (identified mainly thanks to the U pickups and assuming they are original).
It represents a c.1958 strat
The correct Pickguard should be one piece 8 hole
The (probably) correct saddles should be steel bent marked 'final prospec/t'

The current bridge with removable steel block is a correct item.

The string tree, if original, indicates a post 1956 and this is reinforced by the 5 digit serial number.

Thanks to you all who've helped me here. Very much appreciated
1982 catalog

1958 MODEL
ST50・BB ¥50,000

The '58 model ST50 is a must-have for Clapton freaks. The black body, 1-ply white pickguard, and 1-piece old Croshan maple neck give off a sharp sense of color. Adopts a newly designed 3-stage 5-position switch that allows you to control the phase-out sound as you like. The newly developed pickup ST Hot perfectly reproduces the old Strat sound.

Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 2.36.09 PM.png
In case you don’t know, there was a lawsuit brought by the Fender distributor in the UK against the Tokai distributor in 1982. The complaint about the spaghetti logo and the phrase mentioning a Strat was upheld by the judge. The block logo was apparently a quick short term remedy within a month or so of the ruling. Those block logo guitars were only sold in the UK. Logo permanently changed at the end of 1982 to the script logo.

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