1990 Tokai Super Custom Neal Schon Model

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Mar 4, 2018
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Not sure if a thread already exists for this model. I've now seen 4 of these in total. I own one, along with another MIJ collector, one sold in Japan back in 2021 and this latest example that was just listed on Reverb:




All of these have 7-digit serial numbers that start with "900" on the back of their headstocks. Here is a link to a few of the others:

Probably a limited number of these from a Japanese Tokai dealer store order at the time.

What's curious is that Greco, Aria & Burny also had limited runs of these Super Custom Neal Schon models in the early & mid '80s when the American versions were released but the Tokai model seems like it didn't appear until much later after the guitar market had already moved on. That is assuming that the first 2 digits in the serial number is the year. It could also be interpreted as made in '89.

Some very interesting limited run high end guitars made by Tokai in the early to mid '90s that seem to be officially undocumented.
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