Yamaha SL1000

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Yamaha SL1000

Post by japlover » Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:13 pm


I've lived with my astonishing Yamaha SL1000 (LP custom copy from 1977 fyi) for a couple of years now and have yet to find any other reference to it (or any other like it) on the web. I am now becoming desperate for knowledge as I use it as my main guitar and have been trying in vain to find a backup/replacement that does it justice.

I currently use an SG1000 or an SG800 or my 1972 Gibson SG deluxe (which, frankly, is a little too fragile) as backup but none of them have the tone of the SL1000 and whilst playing live it may be marginal, in the studio the SL really has the others licked. It has a really biting yet not overly trebbly tone on the bridge pickup that I just love.

My main concern is that if anything ever happened to The SL1000 what would I do?? I'd be bereft. The SG1000 has pretty much all the attributes but the tone is a little too sharp and I'm thinking a change of pickups would do the trick but how to find out what pickups are on the SL1000?? It was built in 1977 so I guess that could be worked out - but how.

I'm not going to rip them out to try them in the SG1000 but I've got a good feeling that with the same pickups I'd get the same fantastic tone...

Any ideas??

I'd be really, really grateful as it is becoming a real worry to me that I can't replace it.

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