Trying to identify Tokai SEB Serial No. 1024104

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May 5, 2022
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Hi, I am new to Tokai and this Registry. I recently came across a Love Rock, serial number 1024104, soft faded Old Sunburst finish, book-matched plain top, 2 piece back, long tenon, with S.E.B. body all in what appears to be factory-original condition. There is no model sticker on headstock, no markings on the bottom of the pickups, no model indication impressed into top part of fretboard or label in either of the pickup cavities, except there is a capital letter A impressed in the wood at the bottom of the neck pickup cavity. The truss rod is an oval shape, not Gibson bell shape. The 4 pots are all labelled 'Made in Japan Gf 500k'. The finish is definitely not polyurethane; it has a softer feel and reflection, like my vintage Gibsons. I would say it is some form of lacquer. From what I have read so far online, I believe the SEB body type was introduced around 2005. So, with this serial number and SEB, am I right in guessing that this guitar dates to 2010? And how can I esablish what model it is? Any comments and advice would be very much appreciated!
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And it would really help answer your questions if you posted pictures.

2010 catalog

Many thanks for the catalogue photo! Here are some photos of 1024104. The top is 2 piece. The bridge saddles are brass. Tailpiece aluminium. Perhaps a LS136SEB?


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I agree. It's the plain top. Finish is violin finish I would say.

2010 LS136SEB VF

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