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Feb 16, 2024
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Hi all. I've recently been diagnosed with chronic Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, which has reignited my interest in Fernandes guitars. My first Fernandes instrument (and only, until recently) was an MIJ Jazz-style bass that I got in high school in around 2005. I didn't know much about Fernandes at the time but I recall a few people gushing over it, saying it was made in the same factory as Fender MIJ instruments. I regretfully sold it years ago.

Fast forward almost 2 decades and my interest in Fernandes was reignited by two more purchases. The first was a virtually unplayed FGZ-400 from the mid nineties that I acquired for a song. The second, and main reason I joined this forum, is a yet-unidentified neck-thru model that I will be posting in the forum about soon in the hope that I may be able to identify it.

I look forward to meeting some neat folks in this forum!
Cool. Welcome.

Anything like these?

Insane Thru Neck Double Neck Fernandes
Not like that one, although that would be a neat model to come across. I'll be posting a thread, hopefully after I scape together a few more leads, but I'll post the links to the auction I won as well as two others that seem to be the same model in different colors. Mine is the first one in black, and comes with a case that I've only seen in another one of the linked examples:

Here's mine:|tkp:Bk9SR7jxoay2Yw

Here are the other two on reverb (for the record, I am not posting these in order to endorse the listings and am not affilliated with the sellers or Reverb in any way. These are only for reference:
Hmmm. How do you know that these are thru necks? They are painted.
Hmmm. How do you know that these are thru necks? They are painted.
That's a good point, I don't know for sure. I suppose they could be set for all I know. Either way, the only guitars I've been able to find in the catalog archives that have the same body shapes, headstock & logo, and electronics layout are bolt-on. And those don't appear to be available in the metal flake finishes.
Yeah. Usually thru necks are stained since they go through the effort. I have owned a bunch of them.

One exception though were the Yamaha SG/SBG2000/3000 models.

Thru necks are all about sustain, and were popular in the late 70s and just into the early 80s.

I would be very interested if you found evidence that they are actually thru necks.

Paint usually covers lower quality pieces of wood and joinery. If you are proud of your construction it is usually highlighted and visible.

My two cents.
Here are a couple I have owned.

View attachment 50339
Very nice. That would track about wanting to show off a thru neck construction. However, I have nothing to go by and unless I can nail down the model number. The only way I know I could confirm it otherwise is saw through it (as far as I know). One listing suggested it may be a prototype, which I'm assuming would only add another layer of uncertainty.
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