Greco "deep tenon" super reals

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Jan 28, 2024
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I'm going to call ******** on that one. I've looked into it and all I can find is "I saw one when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure it was a super real" or "my buddy told me, and his dad had a best friend that was married to the third cousin of a Greco engineer", or mostly hucksters making false claims while trying to sell a greco. I can't find anything from Greco indicating that a tenon hidden underneath the neck pickup ever existed- no pictures, no description, nothing.

Here are my objections

1. Greco faithfully copied the design of the Les Paul. Why would they depart from the original design so drastically when an intermediate tenon works great when properly installed?
2. When Greco went to the long tenon for the mint collection, they advertised it in the catalog. There is no mention of this alleged deep tenon in any Greco literature
3. Why would Greco dramatically increase the work needed to set a neck by adding a feature but then keep that feature a secret?
4. If Greco didn't think an intermediate tenon would function properly, then why didn't they just switch to the long tenon at the beginning of the super real series, since they were meticulous about copying gibson design?

Intermediate tenons work just as well as long tenons when they are installed properly. The problem is that gibson doesn't even try to install them properly and hasn't since before norlin so people have developed assumptions that are unknowingly based on gibsons ****** QC. If Greco would have had that kind of a neck tenon then they would have advertised it as an improvement over the gibson neck joint. They wouldn't design a feature to sell guitars and then keep that feature secret. It would have been mentioned in the Greco catalogue.

If you still believe in the Greco deep joint is fact then show me greco literature advertising the existence of that tenon. If it existed, they would have advertised it. Or show me pictures of the tenon.
There are lots of 1982 large tenon Grecos out there with "Super Real" on the headstock. That is probably why people make the claim. Pre-April 1982 are all just variations of medium tenon.
Like this 1982 EG59-50 with FEB and Super Real on the headstock - somewhat unusual and seems to be a transition model.


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