Gibson with a long teck tenon is like a monkey with a shotgun.

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Jan 28, 2024
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When people buy historic les pauls they spend another 4k completely disassembling them and rebuilding if they actually want vintage specs. A luthier posted this pic of a les paul historic midway through the process and he revealed that a long neck tenon on a gibson guitar serves no purpose at all.

See that gap between the square and the neck (this neck isn't glued in, it's just sitting there)? Gibson first glues the fretboard to the neck and then glues the neck in the guitar, which means that gap is between the back of the tenon and the mortise. To make matters even worse, the luthier also said this-

"Unfortunately I have to tell you that it´s even worse. The most neckresets I have done on historics show these tenons (as in the picture). The bottom: no glue, just air. On the one side a loveless piece of mapleveneer, size: like a stamp. It´s for holding the neck in place to align with the centerseam of the mapletop. The left side of the tenon is glued with polyurethane-foam-glue. It holds the neck in place. So the longneck-tenon is a bad joke."

So the only thing really holding the neck in is the fretboard glued to the body. And this is a high dollar Les Paul they do this to. So if you pay for a les paul with a long tenon, you're getting one in appearance only. Gibson just goes out of their way to rob their customers. Any way they can getting away with screwing their customers, they'll do it. Like check out this "historic spec" bumblebee capacitor. This guy got lucky getting a pair for 70 bucks. Gibson retail for these was 124 per set. But then someone broke one of these "historic spec" capacitors open and saw that it wasn't a historic spec paper in oil cap, but a modern 5 cent capacitor hidden inside a tube made to look like a bumblebee.

Why is anyone loyal to the gibson brand? I don't get it. Why would anyone pay 5-6 grand for a high dollar gibson historic only to turn right around and spend another 4k making it into what gibson promised it was in the first place? Why would anyone choose a gibson over a greco?



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