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I've done Tokai, done Greco, do Aria next time, so it's Fernandes this time!
I'm going to talk about Fernandes.

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Fernandes is "Saito Musical Instruments" established in 1969 is the predecessor Originally, the business was the purchase and wholesale of classical guitars. Is it the influence of Greco's EG series hits? Changed business to a manufacturer of LM musical instruments.

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In October 1972, the company name was changed to Fernandes Co., Ltd., produced by Hidetoshi Shiino. It started selling electric guitars

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Every company has key people. Fernandez was also present. While changing from a classical guitar to an electric guitar A person responsible for product planning and development joins the company. I was a musician at the time. Later founded MOON Corporation My name is Katsumi Omote.

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At that time, even guitar manufacturers It is natural that there is no one who can play the guitar, I don't know the peripheral devices. I think he was the right person for the development. (Users at that time had little knowledge of LM instruments. It was the form that the manufacturer sent. )
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Mr. Omote, '72, import size.
The development child of Kuichi Toyoshu, a craftsman of Shikawai musical instruments

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The main electric guitar in the early days was Greco's EG series, which was a hit at the time Rather than against a Les Paul copy A copy of the Strat that Greco was short of at the time Higher quality construction than Greco It penetrated Fernandez's high quality.

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 8.41.12 AM.png'73 Catalog

Is this Fernandes' first catalog?

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The rod adjustment is not attached to the head yet, but even the logo looks like the real thing. Also, the tremolo unit is different from Greco's weird Reco with plastic tops at the time. I am using the exact copy. The Greco at the time had a maple 3P neck and a nut like a folk guitar. Fel is not a complete one-piece neck, It is made like a fender properly.
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'74 Catalog
At that time, I was dealing with Rickenbacker. Listed in the catalog.

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Rod adjustment is attached to the head, If you look at it from a distance, including the logo It's a Strat from the 70's. FST these days is a maple body It's **** heavy. Lasts from 1973 to 1977 The joint plate of this strange-shaped Kawai musical instrument It's a little disappointing, isn't it?

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'75 Catalog
It was distributed at the musical instrument fair held this year.


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Small head FST-80 will be added, but it hasn't become a spa logo yet, The neck is also not a complete one-piece. The body is silver heart with cashew paint. Is it from reflection that the maple body was **** heavy? FST-60 became FST-65 with a 5,000 yen increase in natural price.

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The long-awaited Les Paul series from this catalog FLG is announced. Lineup of FLG-65, FLG-85, FLG-100 85 and 100 are grover pegs, It had a cashew finish. Machined top for all models maho back without ply was.
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'76 catalog
Although it is described as a catalog in 1977 on the Fernandes site, acoustic version of Hayashi Gakki OEM. Headway to BJ Model. Former Mr. Momose's autograph.
'76 I think.

It's been three years since we made a Stratocaster model. I never imagined that the Strat model would become so popular. The FST series has not undergone any major specification changes since its launch, but in order to make the most of our three years of technology, we have upgraded this model in a form that is close to a full model change

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Maple one-piece necks were adopted from the middle of 1976. Along with that, FST-60 was changed to 70, 65N to 75N, and FST-80 to 85. 85N became 90N.
Added FST-100OYS and FST-105VOB.
The small head model has been changed to the spa logo.

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FLG-65 was raised to FLG-70. The lineup will be FLG-70, 85, 90, 100, There is FLG-120 as the highest grade model, It was antique specification with Glover 102.
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'77 Catalog.

I believe this was at the musical instrument fair in 1977. I got it. Fernandez's site.I don't ride. From this year, Fender guitars became the stone logo.

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The lineup of FLG and FST has not changed from the previous year. A more advanced model has been added. They are FST-120 and FLG-140. Is it because the Fernandez brand has become expensive? The low-priced brand ORANGE was listed.

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This year's orange single catalog. the Orange news Fernandes pricing structure because it has become too expensive Updating the guitar There is a meaning of digesting old parts electric, round. research group I thought it was a cheap brand. I personally think.

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Small talk.
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Katsumi Omote retired from Fernandez in 1975. With Mr. Hidetoshi Shiino and Mr. Naotake Shibuya Founded ESP.

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This time around here and in the next video
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