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May 14, 2012
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These seemed to be campaign drives for the new model year.

Often there were giveaways like stickers or a calendar and offers to mail out copies of the new catalogs.

Cat's Eyes Guitars Big Campaign (November 1976-January 1977)

1976 Cat's Eyes Guitars Big Campaign!! Ad

Cat's Eyes Guitars Big Campaign (October 20, 1977 -January 31, 1978)

1977 "Tools For The Mind" Cat's Eyes Big Campaign Ad
1977 "Acoustic Muscle" Cat's Eyes Big Campaign Ad
1977 "Acoustic Seeing The New In The Old" Cat's Eyes Big Campaign Ad
1977 "This One Is Good" Cat's Eyes Big Campaign Ad

5th Dynamic Campaign (March 1, 1979 - June 30, 1979)

1979 "I've Got A Great Guitar" Spring 5th Dynamic Campaign Ad
1979 "Guitar Case" Spring Dynamic Campaign Ad
1979 "It's The Most Flexible" Spring 5th Dynamic Campaign Ad

6th Dynamic Campaign (November 1, 1979 - April 30, 1980)

1979-1980 "Hey, here’s another chance! Dynamic Campaign" Ad
1979-1980 "Decide On Your Aim With A Warm Heart" "Dynamic Campaign" Ad
1979-1980 John Renbourn 6th Dynamic Campaign Cat's Eyes Ad
1979-1980 "Play As Much As You Can!" Dynamic Campaign Ad
1979-1980 "Top Guitarist's Guitar" Dynamic Campaign Ad
1979-1980 SS80 Ad
1979-1980 "New Guitar Catalog" 6th Dynamic Campaign Ad
1980 "New Series" Dynamic Campaign TE Ad (January 1980)

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 8.54.56 AM.png

7th Dynamic Campaign "American Spirits From Tokai" (Octovber 21, 1980 - January 31, 1981)

1980 "American Spirits" Ad Clarence White Model CE1000S
1980 ES100 Rock Jazz "American Spirits From Tokai" Ad (November 1980)
"American Spirits" 1980/1981Ad Campaign

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 9.08.46 AM.png

9th Dynamic Campaign "Good Old Times - Good Old Sound" (November 21st to January 31st, 1982)

1981 John Herald With Cat's Eyes "Good Old Times" Ad Campaign 1981-1982

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 11.38.25 AM.png

10th Tokai Dynamic Campaign "Spring Up!" (March 1 - April 30, 1982)

1982 "The Scoop" Ad (April 1982)

Spring Up.jpg

11th Tokai Dynamic Campaign : GREAT JAPANESE HERO (November 21, 1982 - January 31, 1983)

1982 "Fighting Tokai" TEA & TA35 Ad
1982-83 Extra Tokai launch ad


Good Old Sound - Good New Sound Ad campaign

"Good Old Sound Good New Sound" Ad Campaign


"The First Round Campaign US Masters From Tokai" (November 21, 1986 - January 31, 1987)

1986 The Works Bass Ad US Masters From Tokai Ad Campaign
1987 "US Masters And Tokai" Ad

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 8.47.00 AM.png
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