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May 14, 2012
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LS320 ハカランダ ビンテージ配線 SWORDピック... - ヤフオク!

Seller's description:

The neck is straight.
The neck shape is a thick C shape.
The string height is about 1.6mm for the 6th string on the 12th fret, and about 1.5mm for the 1st string.
I haven't adjusted the truss rod because the neck doesn't move either.
More than 90% of the frets remain.
Gauge is 0.10-0.46.
The height from the fingerboard when the string is pressed at the 12th fret is about 1.5-1.6mm.

Although it is subjective, there are no dents or scratches other than fine scratches on the top, back , and back of the neck.
The plating has dullness, but it is still in a glossy state.
Overall, it is a beautiful individual with little usability.

The condition around the neck and the playing surface is also good.

It becomes LS320 made in 2005.
The LS320 was the pinnacle model of the Tokai LS at the time, and it seems to be a very rare guitar, with only around 10 being produced each year until around 2006.
Top is the finest hard maple (not soft maple).
One-piece Honduras Mahogany with cross-grain BACK.
The fingerboard is also made of dark straight grain jacaranda (Brazilian rosewood).
The wood you use is really great.

The LS320 has a weak point in the original electrical system.
There was howling and cheap wiring due to Seymour Duncan's Seth Rubber PU,
This individual is an original hand-rolled PU at Meikyokudo NEO in Nagoya, which is said to be a famous store.
The condenser will be an original vintage BlackBeauty.
It has been retrofitted with vintage wiring (the remodeling cost alone is about 80,000 yen including the PU fee).
The effect is tremendous, and compared to the original LS320, the gloss, three-dimensionality, and presence of the sound have improved by an order of magnitude.

Meikyokudo NEO's representative was Tokai's Luthia, and it seems that there is still a separate line for SWORD in Tokai.

At present, if you were to make an order using the same grade of materials, wouldn't it cost more than 1 million yen?

I think that it is a beautiful product without any noticeable scratches.
thank you.

Tokai LS 320 - Les Paul 59 Replica
Top: AAAA Mapple 2 pieces center sean
Body : one piece Honduran Mahogany
Neck : one piece Honduran Mahogany , quarter swan
fingerboard : Brazilian Rosewood
Junction Neck Body: Long Tenon
Neck: 18° angle
Aluminum Tailpiece
Two SWORD Pickups
Nitro lacquer finish



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