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1982 Tokai Love Rock LS120V-OS (Old Sunburst)

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Dec 14, 2022
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I am heading overseas next year and putting this great guitar up for sale. This Tokai Love Rock LS120 is based on the 1959 model LP and contains all original parts including the original Dimarzio PAF Humbuckers. As the price of real ’59 LP’s has left the stratosphere, it is still possible to pick up one of these and experience their legendary tone.

This guitar has been played but not abused or toured. It has some minor dings & impressions but is in exceptional condition for a 43-year-old instrument. The frets are original at 85% and it has a chip out by the jack input. The back has player marks. The jack has been replaced and the speed knobs were replaced. The rest is all original as per the pictures. (There are more pic’s on Reverb too.)

This guitar would make a great addition to any collection, live show or recording studio. Plug this in and turn it up to feel what a real ’59 burst sounds like on your favorite songs.

It includes the original pickguard and Tokai case too.

1982 Tokai Love Rock LS120 - (model: 1959 LP) | Reverb

(If you are interested and msg me on Reverb and mention you saw this post on Tokai Forum and I’ll give you a 10% discount. Appreciate your looking here.)


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Nice guitar.

What everyone will want to know is if that flame top is solid or a veneer? The LS120 came as both. Solid examples are more valuable obviously. Just thought I would ask.

Good luck with your sale.
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Hi Sigmania,

Oh, great point! Sorry, I wasn’t thinking about showing the side profile of the wood grain under the pickups when I took the pictures.

I’ll get new pictures this weekend and post them here.

In the meantime, I zoomed in and lightened the ones I have but they aren’t super clear. I believe that is the best way to tell? Too bad it isn’t in the serial number.

Thanks again.


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Unfortunately, I can't tell from thiose pictures.

What you will want to do is follow the grain around from the top over the edge and into the compartment and see if it is continuous.

Another spot to look is the center seam. See if you can see any discrepancy between the seam on top and into the compartments.

Can be really hard to see. A bright light will help a lot.
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Ok, sounds great. I'll get pictures like you mentioned above and use a brighter light too. I know what I am looking for now.

I can get those this weekend and hopefully post on Monday.

Thanks again, we'll get this up soon.
Okay, I got detail pictures of the solid top. (see below)

I used a iPhone, a Nanlite and zoomed in. The craftsmanship is next level, so I took quite a few images.

I also I noticed one of the pickup screws went through the sidewall at some point over the years. Sorry about that.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again


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