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  • Hey Chuck congrats on the guitar. I just bought another es100R. I’m not positive yet as I don’t have it yet but I might be interested in those original J pickups if you’re not going to need them. But only if I don’t like the PAF 57s installed. But I’ve loved them in every other guitar I’ve had so we will see. :) Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks,
    Peter Mac
    Hey Mitch, over the decades I found that the PAF57 pups seem to work better on LP models rather than 335. I would recommend that if you were looking to change pickups, also change the wiring to a 50s Style loom for better dynamics. I have done a few refits of Tokai 335s to include Montys PAF pickups with incredible results. Only a suggestion.
    Mitch Malloy1
    Mitch Malloy1
    Thanks for that. Th wireing confused me and took me awhile but I put in the PAF57s and really like them. I considered my Dry Zs or my Deaccies but Made the decision and I'm happy so far. Massive improvement over the Gotoh PAFs that were in there. I really didn't like them.
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