1979 Springy ST-50 Trem Specs

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1979 Springy ST-50 Trem Specs

Post by Timm » Tue Mar 09, 2021 3:53 pm


I've been reading here for a while and got some good information on everything tokai related. It's a great place.

Finally, I am gonna ask a question:

A while ago I got my hands on a pretty pristine Springy ST-50 from 1979 according to serial number. I was thinking of replacing the Trem/Bridge for more responsive sound without screwing new wholes. To get the right replacement part I measured the string spacing and the screwholes with a digi-measure and both seem to be not fitting vintage spec trems (2 7/32") nor the other one (2 1/16") at the page of ABM https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/media/p ... e_5050.pdf...

String-spacing from middle of high to low E-string is 53,9mm
Outer screwholes (center to center) is 55,1mm

So, am I measuring wrong or do the measures of the trem differ from those of the vintage fender ones?

My research here in the forum brought me to a post, where a callaham trem fits exactly on a ST-80.
Are there any differences between trems in ST-50 and ST-80 in measures and material?

Maybe someone could enlighten me on this specific topic.

Thanks and kind regards


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