"Cameo" and "Classic" Brands?

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"Cameo" and "Classic" Brands?

Post by Obese Chess » Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:34 pm

Hello all!

I am primarily a bass player by trade (I have two vintage Fernandes that are my main four-strings) but have acquired, and plan to acquire, two guitars I was looking for a little more information on.

The first was given to me by a friend of my dad's - it is an old "Cameo" Acoustic. I cannot post links but there is one on eBay and another on Reverb that look identical to what I have, for about a hundred bucks. No sticker or label anywhere on it indicating serial or model numbers. I'll keep it for fun since it sounds good and plays well, just wanted to know if anyone knew more about it as the as suggests it may be MIJ, possibly Tokai.

The other is a cheap project guitar body and neck I've been eyeing online - the first fret block inlay is missing and the paint is scuffed, but it appears structurally sound, routes and woods all look high quality, and it's a hundred bucks. Everything about it looks like a Greco "Super Power" Les Paul - it even says "Super Power" on the headstock in an identical font to the Grecos - but the brand is "Classic," rather than Greco. Obviously a Google search for any variation on "Classic Guitar" or "Classic Guitar Brand" "Greco Super Power Classic" doesn't give the best results. I have found a single instance of this instrument existing and it's a youtube video in Spanish from some guy in Argentina from like a decade ago. Did any of these companies - FujiGen, Matsumoku, etc - ever make guitars under the "Classic" brand, or is this something entirely different altogether?

Thanks so much!

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