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Blackstar ID 30

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:46 am
by BobK
Tried this out today. It thought it sounded excellent.

'Cranked' it up to 3/4's on the 'loud as tube' setting. Was pretty loud, not sure if it was quite as loud as a 30 watt tube, but loud enough for small gigs methinks.

Went through the different settings, basically a range of crunch settings with a few cleans and a selection of valves types.

It is VERY light indeed. A big plus!

Personally I hate modelling amps, I like it SIMPLE. Really cant be arsed mucking around for months and storing louds of settings you never use. But at ?270 I am very tempted. Simply to just use on a favoured setting and twiddling the knob for another sound.

Only snag is no effects loop, but apparently you can re-program the MP3/mic input to achieve this.

Will also try the Orange Crush Pro out, also very light. (Update...its not!)

Showing my age here when 'being light' is so high up the list of preferences!