Greco vs Tokai vs Fernandes necks

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Greco vs Tokai vs Fernandes necks

Post by ChickenSoup » Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:41 pm

Hi. I have played 1982 (I guess) and 1985 Tokai Silverstars. The older one (black one) played like heaven (soundwise), all pickup combinations are perfect usable 10000 times more than any NEW Fender (maybe except custom shop). The 1985 player worse, it is even in worse shape (frets are worn off too much) but I had one problem with those guitars - the neck is too thin for me. And I dont mean the size only, but also the distance between strings - those Tokais felt like violin to me, or a children guitar - the string were too close to each other that I had to pay a lot of attention. I am used to 7.25 inch radius from my 50s style Fender, so its not the case.

Do you know if the Greco and Fernandes neck are the same as Tokais, or if they have different shape?

Thank you for any info :wink:

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Re: Greco vs Tokai vs Fernandes necks

Post by the_dude » Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:06 am

I have read that the 57 style guitars from the Fernandes Revival series have chunkier necks. I have an RST-50 64 modal which is based off a 64' strat and has a slightly thinner neck. But I wouldn't say as then as the modern C necks.

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