Tokai Goldstar - Korea - Year of Manufacture

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Tokai Goldstar - Korea - Year of Manufacture

Post by renatafcb1 » Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:26 am

Hi, everyone!

I recently purchased a MIK Tokai Goldstar Sound here in Brazil (secondhand) and the seller told me it was a 1989 guitar. It looks pretty neat, the only visible sign of oxidation is on pickups. It looks like a TST-40 model with ceramic pickups, no serial number anywhere on the guitar, just a "Made in Korea" on the back of the headstock and a number 6 (?) on the end of the neck. Is it really a 1989 guitar? I sincerely doubt it (lol) but I'm curious.

Some pictures: ... DWMw6yXivC

If anyone could look at the pictures, I would be grateful.
Greetings from Brazil!

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