Authentic or fake? Help to find out

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Authentic or fake? Help to find out

Post by Letsgocrazy » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:01 pm

Hi guys!

New to the forum but the community here seems extremely nice and I am happy to be here.
I have been scouting for a Tokai and managed to find one for a very good price (300 EUR). But looking at the pictures I am getting confused whether it’s an authentic one.

Here are the pics -

My main conclusions/worries so far:
- Not made in Japan, as the nut cover has three screws.
- Made in 2008? Worried that the SN is inked, seems odd to me.
- The pick ups and bridge metal stains seems to indicate the guitar to be quite old, which might hint in the “authentic” direction. But reaching out to the seller to hear from him (the description said nothing).

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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