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Nov 20, 2023
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Morning all

This came up an hours drive away (UK Based). Maybe an early 80’s? it has no serial number.

Guy asking £900 which seems high. Though that might well be the going rate these days!

Without seeing pots n wiring, any thoughts?



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I'd want to see the pickup routs and the pots.
Now, Greco's Gibson copies is not necessarily my best discipline, but I pretty convinced that's a Cort (Korea) build from around 1990 or later.

The fatter/less distinct logo, the slab-sided nut, that style of Custom diamond and the lack of serial are all tells, and they apparently have shielding paint in the control cavity as well. Googling, their model numbers are usually given as EGC-500 or -550 (possibly just an inflation adjustment), which seems plausible, I don't think it was economically viable to build a 50 000 yen LP copy in Japan anymore at that point. But it's hard to be sure, as far as I'm aware, they're not in any catalog. Which is actually not that surprising, most of the brands had out-of-catalog entry-level models at one point or another. Something to offer dealers directly but not necessarily to push in a public catalog.

I've never come across one in the wild, but by all accounts they're perfectly fine guitars on their own terms. What I've seen of outsourced MIK builds from other Japanese brands and that time bears it out. But, 900 GBP is definitely too high a price for it. Around half of that would be my maximum.
Oops, spotted a typo, neant “early 90’s” ( as described by seller). Thanks for the replies!
An update. Got bored and curious so went and tried it out. Blimey, felt and sounded fantastic.

Took along my Orville (fitted with seyour d’s) and Gibson Studio - both used for gigging-but this blew them away in tone.

Seller said pickups were the originals.

We agreed a suitably hefty discount and i took it home.

Will compare to my Greco Mint Collection over the weekend ….


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