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Dec 11, 2023
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I hadn't seen this until I was just taking a look around on Yahoo auctions yesterday, and chanced upon it. I ended up, with less than an hour to go this morning, PayPal-ed some more ¥ into what I had left over at Jauce, and put in a "sniper bid, of ¥120K.
I saw, at "T minus five minutes" I'd been outbid at ¥122K, and transferred some more dosh, but time ran out, and it sold at the 122.
Afterwards, I remembered that when I'd checked the details of sniper bidding, it had said you then can't put in a regular bid, once you put in the sniper bid.
Do any of you'all, with more experience with Jauce, know whether I could have gotten an other bid in, once my sniper bid, was surpassed, and thrown by the wayside ?
- Thanks,
The other, post-1982, non-spaghetti logoed, SS60 '66, the same Yahoo seller had up, went for less than ¥40K.
I hadn't even been aware of that one, but if I had chanced upon it, I wouldn't have jumped in.
I *really like*, that black-bordered, gold gold spaghetti script 7okai headstock.
This '66 SS 60 build is also a thinnish "U", *I read*, with the classic 1 5/8" nut, better for my *childishly small*, crooked "grabbers".

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