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May 14, 2012
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Pretty crazy.

Never seen a Tokai marked "SHOW".

No serial number and has Export logo too.

Mid 80s Tokai SX Show model ( Proto ) / Sonic Blue 〜Japan Vintage Rare Guitars / SOLD

In the early 80's, Tokai was sued by Gibson and Fender for dead copy models... Tokai started development of Tokai original series and was released at the turning point of the brand itself.

It is an original show model positioned as a prototype of the SX series. Probably a one-off, one of the earliest examples produced...

This is one of Tokai's Japan vintage guitars that can be called a super rare individual! Although it has a vintage look, including thin paint and openings due to aging, it is also a model that will surprise you in a good way with a sound that exceeds expectations!

The SX series was announced at a time when Tokai, which has continued to focus on "reproducing old guitars" despite its retro look, broke away from copy models and developed original models.

"Tokai's answer" is prospering. More than it looks, it is a valuable one with high practicality!

(The lineup of the SX series that first appeared as a limited edition in the 1984 catalog) Both models have matching heads and serial numbers on the back of the heads, and the Tokai logo is the so-called T logo.

This individual has a different typeface, but the letter T uses the same logo as the Spa logo era, and the serial number on the back of the head is not stamped.

It is extremely rare for the Tokai brand to be serial-free, and for this reason, I believe that it was produced as a one-off show model during the prototype stage from 1983 to early 1984.

Although the SX can be called a duosonic system in Fender's terms, the greatest appeal of this model is still its sound.

In the late 70's, Mr. Morizono of Yoninbayashi went out of his way to remount the original Fender Strat... Three legendary Tokai gray bobbins were mounted, and like the Strat, it was mounted with a hanging pickguard. And the jack itself adopts a style that is housed in the pickguard.

The counterbore on the body side is also 3S, and since 50 is handwritten on the side of the stamp, it may have been assumed that the list price was 50,000 yen. (There is no 50 lineup in the released SX.)

The Sonic Blue color used in the original fender is adopted.

For those who know Vintage Tokai, the bridge uses a brass top that is familiar to them, and since there is no model that has been released using this part, the production period of this show model is "appealing".

Before bankruptcy due to litigation issue = 82-83”.

Assuming this appraisal, one of the reasons why the SX was unpopular was that it was launched at a time when the company changed its name after bankruptcy and made an immediate restart...

If... This precious show model could be said to be an individual made before bankruptcy during the golden age of Tokai. Contains The head logo supports that hypothesis.

(The logo and typeface of this unit are different, but it is the Tokai Spa logo style.)

(The 65 headstock that debuted in the 1984 catalogue. Not only the 65, but all SXs adopted the so-called T logo, with the letter T piercing through.)

And the sound was also very good...

It had a retro and simple look like a Fender student model. It was adopted as a "half-finished original model" because it incorporated "the flow of the times" such as adopting a two-point support bridge.

The original concept was clearly Tokai Duo-Sonic and Music Master-like in terms of appearance and structure, but it adopted a lock nut that was cutting edge at the time and an original bridge to match it.

By doing so, It's an imbalance that has introduced the latest technology to the guitar of the Toro line, but the SX that was released wasn't that one of the reasons why it didn't get more popular...

After restarting, we didn't make the dead copy model that caused the bankruptcy, and changed the head shape even if it was a Strat style.

Kai's original guitar" was the time when I was shifting.

After 1985... Until a certain time, copy models using pre-bankruptcy processed bodies and necks were sold as stock disposal...

As Tokai, until we return the dead copy of the popular Les Paul model to our main product again, We focused on selling the Mat, SX, and TALBO.

Lucky for Tokai, HISASHI from GLAY, who debuted in the 90's and gained popularity, used the aluminum body TALBO.

If HISASHI hadn't used it at that timing...even TALBO might have suffered the same fate as Mat.

Commercial products... whatever they are, the fact that "the timing of the release" also determines whether the product will be supported or not.

Mustang and Jaguar that Kurt Cobain used and became popular after grunge rock... In particular, the Mustang was an unpopular model in its home country of the United States, so it was a guitar with a very high export rate to Japan, which was gaining popularity due to Char's favorite use.

In modern times... the diversification of musical styles has led to a decline in shredding styles (fast-playing and tapping) in terms of playing techniques...on the other hand, the tendency to return to simple, retro styles has accelerated. As a result, jazz masters are now gaining popularity.

At least it was shunned by the technical side... Considering the timing of the resurgence in popularity of Fender's Jazzmaster and Jaguar... This Tokai SX show model has the look and sound that I wish it had been released in 2019.

However, in terms of playability, it is noteworthy that despite being an original model of this era, it uses a "heelless cut joint" that does not stress when playing on the high frets. prize.

Despite its 1960s and 1970s design, the playability and sound... it's hard to call it a student model.

From the above point of view... This is a very attractive guitar for vintage Tokai guitar collectors and Japan vintage enthusiasts, but I would like to recommend... Recommended for professional-minded young guitarists, band members, and frontmen who also serve as guitar vocalists.

This is the book I want. Queen's Brian May's Red Special... was Brian's handmade guitar, so even after Queen gained worldwide popularity, it was difficult to obtain even the same shape for "Brian May Followers".

Even the BM-900 released by Greco in the 1970s had a significantly different body shape... Becoming a professional is ′′ the existence that can't be just a copy ′′ It's a ′′ establishment of personality and originality ′′ It's a must.

Popular artists and popular guitarists only when more people support their individuality and originality You can become All you have to do to stand on the stage is... A Les Paul, a Strat, or a Telecaster, which are used by millions of people, would be fine, but... Like Kurt Cobain or Char... It will be necessary to have a trademark guitar and image it... Tomoyasu Hotei's TEJ, hide's favorite mockingbird-shaped MG... they are all guitars that symbolize the guitarist's individuality.

Among the Tokai SX... this machine, which will be a show model, is probably a one-off. In addition, it is a Japanese vintage from the early to mid-80s, the golden age of the "Tokai" brand, which is the most well-known Japanese guitar brand in the American market.

The caramel-colored maple neck... the thin paint scratches... The vintage look that can be called a real relic is also the charm of this individual. Perfect cleaning, set-up and ready-to-use. Both the remaining rod and frets are in a condition that can be used for a long time.

If you get this guitar... and the time comes that the guitarist will have a follower The same guitar will not be available.

Recommended for such "professional guitarists who are seriously looking for a trademark"...

This is an individual unit that has a retro look but is highly practical and has an attractive sound!

Please contact us as soon as possible. [email protected]

We will guide you at a very bargain price that is easy to purchase even for the young generation who are looking at the future super guitarist.

Our store sales price 35,000 yen including tax (shipping fee not included)

Soft case and arm included

(The hard case in the image is for photography. It is not included.)



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