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May 14, 2012
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Tokai MADE Fender Japan Custom Edition ST68-120SPL Astonishing Detmint 30,000 yen OFF​


New arrival product! !

Fender Japan Stratocaster by TOKAI MADE

For Tokai fans, we are posting in the TOKAI category.

TOKAI has been manufacturing high-precision ST and TL since before Fender Japan was established. From the middle of the 1980s, there was no choice but to shift to original model manufacturing, but with the increase in production of Fender Japan, it is a small part of FJ products as outsourced manufacturing. I have been manufacturing.

At Fender Japan, the craft section of EXTRAD Productions, which has been pursuing traditional vintage models since the 80's, and the Custom Edition Team, which is in charge of product planning and development R&D with USA Fender, created an original Telecaster in 1992, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Fender Japan. development sales. From the following year in 1993, new models that go beyond vintage specifications will be introduced as a custom edition series such as Robbenford Signature, BASSVI, and ST with race sensor PU.

This product is N serial made in 1993. In 1993, the ST68-120SPL was newly introduced as a 68-spec Strat in the Custom Edition lineup of the Fender Japan catalog.

Until this year, as a large head + 4 point stop 67 specification,
tiger logo gold
Kluson specification peg

However, for the first time in ST68-120SPL in 1993
CBS logo black with WITH SYNCHRO
Made by Schaller, F-key peg

However, for some reason, it disappeared from the custom edition frame in the catalog from 1994 the following year, and returned to the regular specification as the former 67 specification.

A few years later, it will be revived as the 68TX and will be a standard lineup, but as a Custom Edition it will only be for this year, and it is very interesting that one part of this prototype product was manufactured by TOKAI.
The 1st period from 1982 to 1997 was led by Mr. Fender Japan Fujigen, and it is easy to understand the later 2nd and 3rd periods, but in recent years, the 1st period TOKAI manufacturing, which has been re-evaluated, is particularly important.
Other than that, the specifications are

MAPLE CAP pasted maple neck, Alder BODY, USA-made ST-VINTAGE pickup, Schaller F-key peg, steel block bridge

I have experience playing the ST68-120SPL, the same product manufactured by Fujigen, but this product is in the stage of raw sound, and it has a clearly recognizable sound as a TOKAI guitar. I felt it and grinned unintentionally w

Also, the fact that this product is 68 instead of 69 is even more interesting. Lacquer coating has been adopted for this individual as well.

Tokai's woodwork, paint, and total precision quality are output by Fender USA pickups.
I couldn't help but feel.

As for the one that arrived this time, it was made in 1993, so even though it is one that is 30 years old this year, it has remained in this condition! Keeping in a ridiculously happy time machine state (dead mint condition).

If you hold it up to the light and look carefully, you can see a few minor pieces of wear, but in recent years it has a brand new atmosphere, like a super-beautiful second-hand product or a new store trial product. , You can think of it as an image as it is in the photo.
By the way, as those who are familiar with it know, there are quite a few CustomEditions that do not have stickers on the back of the head in the early days, just like EXTRAD. Including exceptional circumstances such as external manufacturing
The essential condition of the instrument, the remaining frets and the remaining truss rod have plenty of room, the neck condition, the electrical system, everything is excellent Weight 3.36 kg and light weight.
When browsing on a PC, right-click on each photo Open in new tab You can see the photo in a large image

This is a very rare opportunity to play and own a Tokai Manufacturing ST as a Fender product in almost the same condition as when it was released.

This is a carefully selected individual that can be said to be difficult to find in the future with the same quality as it is released by a collector!

Don't miss this opportunity!

As soon as possible because of the settlement sale price!
Accessories: Tremolo arm, Fender genuine GIG bag that was included at the time

There is no neck plate F stamp, but it is a genuine specification.

We will send you information such as interior photos to the purchaser.

We are looking forward to your questions and order requests from the Digimart form.

If you are in a hurry, please check stock first! ! 16:00-20:00
Even mail order,,,
Super loan can be used by simple WEB input!

WEB form input specification
color sunburst
Year of manufacture 1993
Body material Alder
fingerboard maple
Neck joint detachable bolt-on
neck material maple
Accessories Accessories Tremolo arm, Fender genuine GIG bag included

Tokai MADE Fender Japan Custom Edition ST68-120SPL Astonishing Detmint 30,000 ye | eBay



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