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Soggy Donkey

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Jan 24, 2023
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I've been trying to find this model for a long time, and then I've found it, but haven't been able to afford it (or to convince myself that I should pay as much as a collector wanted for it). Long-short of it is, I found a Ron Wood model on the opposite side of the planet and bought it. The seller was responsive and communicative and shipped it fast, all of which I took as a good sign. The problem was they shipped it single-boxed, in a box that **jUsT fIt** -- the tip of the headstock and the tailpiece/strap button were touching the end of the box. And it was shipped with I believe full tension on the strings. I don't know. I just know that the box rattled when I picked it up at the post office -- never a good sign -- and there was a pronounced push-through circle at the bottom of the box...

So I open it up and thankfully, I think I got really lucky: no damage to the neck or headstock. But the trapeze tailpiece had broken. Both the strap-button part and the tailpiece itself. Ugh. There is some superficial damage to the body -- marks through the paint from the pieces and strings rattlin' around, etc. Not great, but also not terrible. I play my guitars more than I look at them.

I assessed the damage, did a few futile searches for "Greco RW-700 tailpiece" in every permutation. Which yielded exactly zero hits. I don't know how many of these were made in 1974 or '75, but let's just say it must not be a lot, and those that exist are hiding in cases. I did find a gold 1975 Greco/Tokai trapeze tailpiece in the same general state as the pickups, so I swallowed the credit card yelps and bought it. I am going to attempt a repair on the broken pieces with JBWeld, which some claim will withstand the string tension. But I doubt it will work and I'll probably end up with a string wound. I'll keep you updated.

Here's some pictures:


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