Maxon pickups off an Aria SG copy

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Jun 14, 2024
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Hi! First post here. I purchased these pickups kind of on a whim and having a hard time identifying them.
I ran the serial numbers and I know when they were manufactured, but is there a name for this pickup model?
Does anyone know? Are they knows for good sound (I don't have a project guitar to test them out right now)?
Are they sought after? Thanks!

Pickup model designations are rare in MIJ guitars before 1974-75 or so, and I don't think these early ones (with double height adjustment screws on one side and blade magnets in one of the coils) remained in production for long enough to ever get a formal model identity. You mostly just see "humbucking pickups" in catalog specs early on.

So far, I haven't even heard of a Maxon pickup that didn't sound good, but these early ones are usually not that desirable on the second-hand market. They're obviously identical, but I'm still not sure they're out of the same guitar? The date stamps are almost always the same on both pickups, and these are close to a year apart.
Thanks! Yup, that's what the Ebay listing said, they came from the same guitar. With the exception of pickup covers, they seem almost identical to Hi-Flier/Ripper humbuckers. Must sound the same?
I'm not that familiar with Univox guitars (I don't think they made it out of the US back in the day? The brand wasn't avilable here in Sweden at least), but checking them out, I can see one difference: the non adjustable coils have cylindrical pole pieces in the Hi-Flyer and Ripper pickups. Yours have two blade magnets and probably looks something like this without covers. This is out of an early Ibanez LP.

Ibanez Super 70.png