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May 14, 2012
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Extra Tokai hardware was introduced officially in January 1983.

It looks like they may possibly have put some of this hardware on some spaghetti logo Springys before the official introduction, or the ones that occasionally surface may simply be after market mods.

Official models with ET hardware installed include TST models as well as Super Edition “Special” and “Original Series” models.

TST models:

Special Series
"Special Series"

Original Series
"Original Series"
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1983 ad

Explosive popularity

Released nationwide on March 1st.

Finally, the SS type E.T. is here! It is an E.T. that can also be attached to modern head stocks.

●E.T. Chrome/SS...¥21,000
●E.T. Gold/SS...¥26,000
●E.T. Black/SS…¥26,000

15 minutes if you're quick!
Amazing easy mount system and shocking arming sound. Nowadays, it captures the attention of musicians. The long-awaited gold and black are also urgently released!

● E.T. Chrome... ¥20,000
●E.T. Gold... ¥25,000
●E.T. Black... ¥25,000



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I finally found a reference to what they mean when they use “Tokai” as an adjective…

From the 1987 Vol 13 catalog:

“When speaking of ST, it is a product with such confidence that it is often referred to as Tokai.”
It’s interesting to know that the TST ET models are not in the spec sheet at the end of the 1983 midyear catalog or the 1984 catalog.

They do show these guitars in the spreads of the TST models and they even describe them, but they are not in the spec sheet so it doesn’t say what pick ups, etc. are in each model. Adding to the confusion.
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1983 & 1984 catalog with the price of the trem unit.

Silver 20,000 yen
Gold 25,000 yen

So a TST50 becomes a 70 with silver and 75 or 80 with gold.



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Ad for January 1983 release

E.T. Chrome ¥20,000 (Set planned price)
E.T. Gold ¥25,000 (Set planned price)
Guitarists around the world can't wait! Hurry! Hurry! I want to check it out!
Released January 1983

Lock nut design ensures accurate tuning
①Easy Mount System

Tokai E.T.'s lock nut is an easy mount system that can be easily installed by anyone, using the existing nuts as they are. Just by fixing it to the headstock with three screws, you can lock the strings while maintaining the appropriate tension. (Patent utility model application pending)
②String tension bar body system
The string tension bar is an integrated lock nut system that provides constant tension to the strings. Since the tension bar is set in the lock base to keep the 6th string at a constant tension, there is no chance of any excess tension being applied and the tuning (pitch) going out of order when securing the strings with the lock nut. We promise accurate fine tuning.

Tokai E.T., which responded to the aspirations of guitarists around the world with innovative ideas (main unit)
① An innovative system that can be used without cutting the strings

Can be used in exactly the same way as a conventional tremolo unit. String height adjustment and octave pitch adjustment can be made for each of the 6 strings by passing the strings through the tremolo block. Moreover, it is a revolutionary system that can be used without cutting the strings. The tremolo unit is also installed using the traditional method of fixing it with two stud screws on the thread pitch. There is no need to modify the lock nut section at all. (There is no need to modify the pickguard for the ST model either.)
②Original special patent mechanical string lock method
Tremolo unit uses Tokai's original special patent mechanical method to secure the strings. (Patent utility model pending) The strings can be easily locked by simply tightening the lock screw installed at the rear of the tremolo. It is OK to simply tighten it by hand, but it is even better to lock it with the included wrench for heavy metal kids' intense arming play.
③ Original 2-point support edge & tremolo arm
The original 2-point support edge and 6 original tremolo arms that can be used with any arming produce an emotional vibrato sound. (Patent utility model pending) Made of special steel, so there is no need to worry about the arm breaking. (Even if it breaks, you can replace only the arm without changing the tremolo block, giving you the long-awaited freedom to remove the arm.
④Original view
Tokai's unique design full of functional beauty. (Design registration pending) This is an original tremolo unit that is the best match for the conventional ST series

●11th Tokai Dynamic Campaign: GREAT JAPANESE HERO/Until January 31, 1983.
●To request a catalog, please enclose a 500 yen stamp and write your phone number, address, name, age, occupation, and phone number to RF1, Tokai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 36 Terajima-cho, Hamamatsu-shi, 430.

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TOKAI ET EXTRA TOKAI Bridge Locking Bridge Compatible with 11mm pitch synchro Fully working item

This machine translation is meant for reference only. In case of any discrepancies, the Japanese text is always the final authority.

Specifications: EXTRA TOKAI bridge removed from 1983 Bill Lawrence BC1-57.

EXTRA TOKAI, the so-called ET bridge, was one of Tokai Gakki's highly recommended items at the time. One of the sales pitches was that it could be installed without modification on models equipped with TOKAIi synchro. However, strictly speaking, the string pitch is 55mm, so it can be attached to the TOKAI ST, SS, and TSS series, but it is not suitable for the TST series because it has been changed to a 56mm synchro. This is an original TOKAI bridge developed based on synchro, but unlike synchro, it stops at two points. The block is one-piece. Pass it through from the bottom of the string block in the same way as a synchro bridge and lock it with the shaft behind the saddle. The distance between studs is 55.0mm and the saddle is 10.8mm. The length of the block is 40.8mm. There is no arm, but a regular screw-in type is fine. There is some dullness on the plating and a bit of brown rust on the black iron parts, but it is not in such bad condition and can be used without any problems. Once completely disassembled, we checked the operation and polished each part before putting it back together, so it works perfectly. Accessories include 2 studs and 3 springs.


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