Bacchus BLC-57, worth it?

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Feb 25, 2023
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Hi everyone, my first post i in regards to hopefully my first MIJ guitar. I've decided to get my first 'more serious' instrument, and to be honest I initially wanted a strat, because I had learned how to play on a strat. Trying out guitars at the music store I thought to myself let's try a les paul, and I was actually blown away by how nice the guitar felt under my fingers. Now, I'm not particularly thrilled by the price tag on a few of these examples, which les me down the hole.
That's basically how I've stumbled on the name of Bacchus. Now I've found this beautiful example and am thinking of buying it. I can't test it, which is why I need help from the community. I would like to know, whether this example, a blc-57, belongs to the line of very well made vintage line of their guitars? This one was custom made, because of the inlay on the headstock (according to the seller). It was also made in 2005, the last year of production for the vintage period. do you guys it's worth rolling the dice on this one?


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