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Apr 3, 2021
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As gear goes I am guitar centered, it gets the bulk of my money. Recording equipment, at least in the near past has been just a bit out of reach. Computer, monitors, preamp, mike stands, etc, well it all adds up! I am not made of money, plus, I love guitars :).

Well, I had read several places of the cost to get into recording and it was beyond my means (ahem, guitars keep hitting me up!).
But this last year, something amazing has happened, it's all worked out to get some recording gear, and it's not overly expensive.
Computer, got a used laptop (was going to go for my wife, but she doesn't need it) 7th gen i5 laptop with a small ssd (will buy an external this year with 2TB for docs). Was inexpensive (130 bux on ebay).
I had bought a sure sm 57 at some point ($100 bux).
Avid Eleven Rack (Reverb) ($200 bux)-
KRK monitors ($110 bux for the pair)
Audient EVO 16 ($454 open box)
Presonus Faderport 16 (could not think about mixing another way) ($750 open box).
Miktek MK300 microphone (with a bunch of EL84 tubes $250 bux)
Harrison Mixbus 8C (80 bux)
Now I need to buy some cables and stuff, and also some more mics, but that can be down the road down the road.
CWS Studios is now working, sort of :) I need to get wall treatments since my walls are mostly cement (Hence the C in CWS).

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