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May 29, 2012
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Just in: what appears to be a launch ad for the TE series guitars, which first appeared in the 1980 catalog (note the pic of cover of it at the upper left - priced at 300 JPY).

Since next years models were launched late in the year, I would suspect that this ad was published in maybe Nov-Dec of '79, though I have no concrete information on that, nor on which magazine carried it.

Tokai TE launch ad pic.JPG

Main headline (below):

The Tele

Or rather "The Terry" according to Google Lens...)

Sub-header on the left:

Careful finishing of details and mutual balance. The unique American feeling will touch your heart.
Grab it all at once!

Body copy:

The TE series has impressed guitarists who are proud of their skill.The careful finishing of the details and mutual balance completely overwhelm others, and it is currently receiving rave reviews!The voluminous content hidden within the simple form. wonderful. Particularly noteworthy are the highly detailed nano and bridge finishes. It smoothly transmits the overtones of string vibrations to the neck and body. A computer-controlled NC router was used in every direction to process the body, perfectly reproducing and surpassing the atmosphere of the original. Also, we cannot overlook the careful consideration given to making only the jack mounting part flat. The side of the jack holder has small notches that are wedged into the body to prevent it from wobbling. The simple design of the control panel has switches in the order of rear, center, and front, and the volume is in an A curve. The expressive power of the pickup, which is the heart of TE, is also wonderful. The unique American feel instantly captures the hearts of guitarists. The Tokai TE series is the perfect guitar to hone your skills as a guitarist. It's a guitar that will further enhance your overall ability. Please read the third part of the guitar catalog for more details. To request a catalog, please enclose a 300 yen stamp and clearly write your number, address, name, age, and telephone number. To ``Target RF7'' Tokai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 36 Terawaki-cho, Hamamatsu City, 430 Japan. Comes with special stickers and Guitar Gazette as a gift. For acoustic guitar fans, the CF Martin Japanese version catalog (500 yen) is also available.

PDF version of the ad attached.


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