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    Tokai ST-60

    The spec you reference applied to Springys not Goldstars. 84 maple Goldstars had 4 digit plates.V necks and round string trees.When i get a minute I'll post some photos of mine.
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    Vintage Tokai Ads

    This was my local music store when I was young and was incidentally the shop in which Lennon and Mc Cartney learned some jazz chords from a certain Jim Gretty a guitar salesman who was still working there when I was 16 and window shopping there.
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    Tokai ST-60

    The distinguishing features of the maple necked Goldstar ST60 are,round string tree not butterfly,E stamped pickups,V neck and 4 digit neck plates and two piece body.The guitar advertised is an ST 50.
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    Gene Parsons and his Tokai banjo
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    Yes it does.
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    Same model and colour but mine is a different bass .<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> The old 7okai logo is also visible on my bass too.
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    My VSB 80
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    TOKAI Strat Cases

    Is this a serious case study?:p
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    The Beauty of Wood in Guitars

    Just fabulous.
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    The Beauty of Wood in Guitars

    "The Tree" Mahogany - It doesn't get better than this. - The Acoustic Guitar Forum This beauty ,not mine unfortunately, was made from the famous "The Tree. "The Tree: The Most Notorious Tonewood in the World - StewMac
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    The Beauty of Wood in Guitars

    My Gibson J15.American Walnut back and sides.
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    The Beauty of Wood in Guitars

    The back of my 2009 Gibson J45 Natural. Honduras Mahogany at its prettiest.
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    E or not E ? Looks iffy to me!
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    Partscaster or Fernandes The Strat?

    Tokai electric guitar 80's Stratocaster | eBay Some idiot has butchered this beauty. I note that the control knobs have the Tokai T embossed on them.Not sure the partscaster has.
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    Goldstar not 84 , but maybe 2000s?
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    Tokai Single Coil Pickups
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    Tokai Single Coil Pickups

    Complete mystery to me.Never seen them before!