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  1. guitar hiro

    Guitaring Guitarist Workshopping Place

    Another player that I HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in guitar is Andy Timmons. The guy is an ANIMAL on guitar. Years ago I resided in Dallas for fifteen years. Andy had a weekly Wednesday night gig at Blue Cat Blues in Deep Ellum. Anyone around could see one of the best guitarists (Andy)...
  2. guitar hiro

    Guitaring Guitarist Workshopping Place

    If you ever get the chance to go see Greg play THEN GO!! He is the proverbial real deal.
  3. guitar hiro

    Guitaring Guitarist Workshopping Place

    what Greg mentions at the 1:15 to 1:30 time frame is oh so true. Watching other guitarists up close can be a great guitar lesson and I have been doing that for many years. I have gone to many shows over nearly 50 years just to see what guitar players are doing with their hands; after all, that...
  4. guitar hiro

    2012 LS200 Jimmy Page Model?

    old thread/new post I recall seeing a few of these on Digimart back in the day and the photos in the OP look the same as the examples I recall seeing on Digimart. Sellers on Digimart were referring to this model as 'The Jimmy'
  5. guitar hiro

    LS200 J VF - key features

    Don't know why the J would designate 'Junior' because your LS looks like a copy of a LP Standard but then I'm not up to speed on the more recent LS line, circa 2020. MIJs are a strange breed and that's one reason I like 'em.
  6. guitar hiro

    1980 LS80 BB Les Paul Reborn

    I know that we have seen some late 1970s/early 1980s LS50 BB examples in the past that had the black paint stripped and revealed some quite impressive maple tops; flame, figure, birdseye, etc. If I would have owned that LS80 with the 120 stamp in the neck pickup route I would have sanded the...
  7. guitar hiro

    LS200 J VF - key features

    Interesting that the 2018 catalog is showing Madagascar Rosewood for the LS390. I imagine the OP's LS200 is a 2020 example so, it would seem odd to have 'Jacaranda' on a 2020 LS200 example when the 2018 info is showing a LS390 with a maddy board. Just looking at this logically but then the MIJ...
  8. guitar hiro

    Built my own guitar

    That is a very cool fiddle siamackz :cool: congrats on a killer first build!! (y)
  9. guitar hiro

    LS200 J VF - key features

    The J in LS200 J VF could signify 'Jacaranda' but that is a guess. Difficult to tell from your photos but the fingerboard looks like it could be Jacaranda. Also, doesn't seem anyone here knows what Jacaranda actually is and the point has been debated to death. Nice guitar tho' and good luck
  10. guitar hiro

    335 type MIJ with the most glamorous body, Herrby.

    that girl has some serious curves :cool: what is the neck thickness like at the 1st to 3rd fret area?
  11. guitar hiro

    Dry Z pickup Set sales for 129,000 yen = $1,172 USD

    also original to the guitar I'm assuming since it is a 1200 that fingerboard looks absolutely sick and Brazzy :cool:
  12. guitar hiro

    Dry Z pickup Set sales for 129,000 yen = $1,172 USD

    legitimate matched sets of Zs are getting more scare, quite rare it would seem and they are becoming quite expensive here is a matched set of Zs from late 1981 with the 2 hole bobbins that sold a year ago for ball park $2K USD
  13. guitar hiro

    LS320 Pickup advice.

    I have a completely bone stock/original 2000 LS-320 with original Seth Lover pups I would never think of replacing them because they sound like they were meant to be in the guitar :)
  14. guitar hiro

    FS: Tokai SS-60 1981 68 Strat

    ****, that is NICE!!
  15. guitar hiro

    1982 LS100 Replacement Hardware Suggestions

    good thread with lots of great info (y)
  16. guitar hiro

    What was Your Favorite MIJ Purchase of 2022?

    there are some amazing and fantastic 'favorite' 2022 purchases in this thread!! Thanks to all for sharing and keep 'em coming!!
  17. guitar hiro

    What was Your Favorite MIJ Purchase of 2022?

    That is a NICE one; thanks for sharing and Congrats!
  18. guitar hiro

    Neck profile on Les Paul Special type guitars

    I purchased a new 2006 LSS in early 2007; main reason I sold it was the neck was too thin for my taste
  19. guitar hiro

    Greco Strat with a stoptail bridge - Rick Derringer signature model?

    that is the most bizarro and different Strat animal ever you should have purchased it just for the WEIRD factor alone and particularly so, since you collect SEs thanks for sharing that
  20. guitar hiro

    Burny ID Help & pickups

    as member Sigmania suggested pics of the routes may help IMO the serial # format and font stamped into the head stock back signifies a Terada made FLG