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  1. felixcatus

    tokai telecaster wanted

    This thread has a two decade time span...:sneaky:😁:cool:
  2. felixcatus

    ST80R V Neck Gallery

    Not a Springy a Breezy, but it definitely fall into the "not a replica of any one guitar" category with its rosewood board on a V shaped neck. It is my longest in possession Tokai electric and it still is my favorite guitar overall.
  3. felixcatus

    Tokai Neck and Body Codes

    I agree and confirm that the mail I received from Tokai Gakki Co.Ltd was genuine..... :wink:
  4. felixcatus

    Where In The World Are You? my home town
  5. felixcatus

    Special Limited Run Tokai LS Models

    I think I have some info on these 'Golden era RI' models, on my pc. Not home right now, so I will get back on this.
  6. felixcatus

    Special Limited Run Tokai LS Models

    Weren't there some "Golden Era Re-issue" Tokais too?
  7. felixcatus

    Fender Custom Edition ST-62 1992

    PM sent... :wink:
  8. felixcatus

    The family/couch/random Tokai photo thread

    Latest line up 1981 ST80R-1980 TE80R-1980 LS100-THB200S RI
  9. felixcatus

    Tokai Factory Pics

    8)....thanks for sharing.
  10. felixcatus

    Tokai Single Coil Pickups

    Tokai "newly designed" 'original single x2' for THB read, 5.34/5.45kOhm.
  11. felixcatus

    Tokai Single Coil Pickups

    Tokai P90 'LP-old MK2' read; 6.29/6.34kOhm.
  12. felixcatus

    Tokai Single Coil Pickups

    I replaced the TEA bridge pickup in my Breezy with a (circa 1978/81) DiMarzio DP114-VT-1. TEA reads 7.25 kOhm. DP114-VT-1 reads 6.48 kOhm.
  13. felixcatus

    Vintage MIJ Gig Bags

    8) I still use mine now and then. Last time I took it with me was on the Thalys to, go play, in Paris.
  14. felixcatus

    Vintage Tokai Accessories

    My late seventies (I think?) gig bag.
  15. felixcatus

    CNC At Tokai?

    Awesome.....,@Sigmania many thanks for the great research.... 8)
  16. felixcatus

    CNC At Tokai?

    Good enough for me.... :wink: 8)
  17. felixcatus

    CNC At Tokai?

    Very interesting stuff. Until now I assumed that Tokais started using cnc for the first time in 1983 or so. I was in a (friendly) discussion about who first started working with a cnc machine for building guitars. Fender Japan was have started in 1982. This info is very useful. 8)
  18. felixcatus


    Real nice top....congrats. 8)