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    Tokai old parts&others

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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    Pics added
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    Down to 2495 euro now
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    Still for sale
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    Tokai old parts&others

    Hello I just checked and found 3 knobs taken off from a 1986 AST-56 and two from a 1987 Fender Japan strat. Hope this helps
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    Left Handed (Korina?) Flying V year?

    As far as there is no serial number sculped on the back of headstock there is no possibility to be Hammatsu made
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    Tokai P Bass Limited Edition

    Also those blue wires are not japanese used on.
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    Tokai old parts&others

    Unfortunatly not
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    Tokai old parts&others

    Up for sale some old Tokai parts I have in my drawers for restoration purpouses: Tokai pickup switches (2 units)...... 35 each Tokai wiring board (full)---------------60 euro Tokai gold ABR-1 posts (screws),,25 for the set (2 units) Tokai gold bushings original set--------------25 euro Tokai...
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    A sound sample below
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    It was sold to me as a one piece body If I recall well.
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    Tokai TCH-1 schematic

    I am looking for Tokai chorus schematic or equivalent (I have the black painted version ), let me know where to find it please. Regards.
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    I forget to mention original DiMarzio PAF pickups plus rings and Tokai wiring board are added to the sale. Plus, I have a COA sent from the factory and signed and hand written by Tokai President which is a must for collectors.
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    Joe Walsh signature LS100 OR

    Up for sale a fantastic guitar from my collection. It is very rare so collectable, very few were made and fewer avalaible. This one has that "tele on steroids" tone many look for and cutting through the mix as no one I own. It is my guitar to take to any rehersall as far as it always can be...
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    Tokai To Be "Japanese Made Guitars Only"?

    Tokai traspassing to Grace will be completed at the end of this month with new managgement and people commanding Tokai.I whish them the best of lucks. Hope to be in touch with them if they agree. Also I would like to give my deepest thanks to Adachi-san Tokai President for the great times I...
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    Stone Logo Thru Neck

    I was able to check and play a FST-60 1978 and it had a Tokai heavy body 2 pieces. Great sounding guitar. Tokai Goto pickups. But not so sure neck was a Tokai, maybe it was. Stone logo turners. The guitar was brougth to Spain from Japan from a friend.
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    Tokai LC 122 Black Beauty

    Check neck pickup cavitie to see if there is any stamp there, sometimes it says model. But sometines it is stamped on bridge pickup cavitie as on a LS150 I owned.
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    Special Limited Run Tokai LS Models

    Real Standard Toshi Kamiya is the japanese dealer, well respected and great experience with him! 8)
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    Special Limited Run Tokai LS Models

    Pacifix (2006) Hibiki (2009) There was another well know japanese guitarshop I got a special LS from in 2007, he had those ES with block inlays too..... special runs
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    Finish Issues Or the Mahogany?

    I jhave noticed Tokai is using wild lined mahogany for his high end builds, different tjhan LS320 series which had nearly perfect and even honduras mahogany. It is no easy to get such fantastic wood nowadays maybe trhat is trhe reason maybe not. I do prefer straighth lines on bodies for sound...