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  1. Rodi


    Tokai was sold in USA. I bought two starts n tele n a shredder. Unless Shoreline Music in CT was getting em straight from Japan, but I doubt it
  2. Rodi

    Plate Reverb DIY

    Cool, If I ever have enough room, it's gonna be!
  3. Rodi

    How to tell the difference?

    Hi There, So how does one tell the difference between the "Premium LS256" and "Vintage LS136" that are current models. I am looking at a Vintage LS230 (which I assume is the very same as the 256 but 2020 model) to buy and don't want to be caught unaware! Asking for a friend! TY!!
  4. Rodi

    Did Tokai Just 86 the ES Line?

    A Jbass (I believe) a couple Strats n Teles too.
  5. Rodi

    Not much love for Talbo?

    Well, it's easier to imitate and very hard to innovate. Tokai builds great guitars, but perhaps their strong suit is in copies. I personally do not see anything wrong with that. They would have to make a great guitar that resonated with the public, but most of the public does not get to see...
  6. Rodi

    Shohei Adachi and the Ownership of Tokai

    Very cool!
  7. Rodi

    Not much love for Talbo?

    CBS has not owned fender in a long time FMIC tried going public in 2012, couldnt. The difference is in quarterly reports, public companies need to publish not so private ones
  8. Rodi

    Not much love for Talbo?

    NO both are privately held companies.
  9. Rodi

    Not much love for Talbo?

    Lol, Vanilla no 1 ice cream flavor by far the chocolate. Before getting into the classic vs nouvelle designs, I dont have a problem with new, updated design types. Look at my avatar, it's a Shishkov, and while it's classic, it's not a slave. Same with my jr by him, it's a jr, but it's not a...
  10. Rodi

    Rick Nielsen and Tokai

    CT & Tokai, love those old geetars, Hamers too!!
  11. Rodi

    Not much love for Talbo?

    Personally The body style is not to my liking. I am sure they are great, but I could never see myself playing one.
  12. Rodi

    Neck profile on Les Paul Special type guitars

    Chuck, I am on the look out as well and there is one sorta local to me. If the neck is skinny, I'll let ya know. I won't play it in that case but my pal will and he will give an honest review to me. Hope you find one!
  13. Rodi

    Anyone played aN LSS230 special

    I have a pal who lives in the next town over and he's gonna check it out and let me know, hopefully today. Store is not open tomorrow, otherwise it woulda been coming home more than likely :).
  14. Rodi

    Anyone played aN LSS230 special

    What I am really hoping for is that it works in a way I am used to with a special. Essentially this will replace my Hamer P90 Artist, which has a great build and a beautiful fretboard. Hamer was over the top on construction but the guitar rarely gets played. Maybe not enough personality? I...
  15. Rodi


    Love it, love octal preamp tubes amps have a Vintage 47 in that vein. Paladins played a place I used to tend bar at in 1986
  16. Rodi

    Anyone played aN LSS230 special

    I like hefty necks, my dc Jr Shishkov is 59 big neck, my semi hollow is even bigger but is symmetrical. Just don't wanna have a Freddie Blasey Pencil Neck Geek one hour away
  17. Rodi

    Anyone played aN LSS230 special

    There is one local to me and am interested to know about the neck. Thanks!
  18. Rodi

    Best Way to Buy a Tokai?

    Hey, I am 35 years out since my last Tokai😂😂. Trying to figure it out is daunting at times.
  19. Rodi

    Tokai Website?

    Thanks for the link, I was very leery of Tokai LPs, on the old Tokai site there were none shown.