Trade Your Tokai For My Stuff

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I only know 3 chords
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Trade Your Tokai For My Stuff

Post by sicpuppy » Sat May 19, 2007 1:35 pm


Yamaha Super Flighter SF700, Sunburst (Dont wanna get rid)
Rockwood Telecaster Copy, Black, Well Used
Washburn X10 (Fat Strat Style), Blue, Like New
Rickenbacker 330 Copy (By Tanglewood), Sunburst
Crafter Electro Acoustic, Brown, with cutaway
Epiphone Les Paul Junior, Red, P90 NOT HUMBUCKER!
Epiphone SG Junior, Red, P90 NOT HUMBUCKER!
OLP Benji Madden Ernie Ball Sig, Black (DRWGR)
Epiphone Korina SG (Dont really wanna get rid)
Aria Stratocaster Copy, Blue
Stagg Electro Acoustic, Blue, with cutaway
Stagg Electro Acoustic, Black
Squier Strat (50th Anniversary)
Squier Telecaster Affinity, Dark Royal Blue
Squier Strat Affinity, Dark Blue
Peavy Patriot, Black (Dont really wanna get rid)
Mexican Fender Telecaster, Wine Red (Dont really wanna get rid)


(Brand New) Kustom DFX 65
Roland Cube 30
Roland Micro Cube


4x Danelectro pedals with case, power cable, daisy chains etc
Morley Pro Wah

I want a Tokai/Greco guitar; Preferably a Tele/LP/PRS Style.

I will also consider money/other trades :)

I have MSN add me

UK Only

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