Orville K Serial Date Info

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Orville K Serial Date Info

Post by japanstrat » Sat Sep 30, 2006 1:02 am

I might have found some year info on when the K serial Orvilles were made.
I have to use a Google cache for the link as the item has gone.

At ... clnk&cd=23

there is a seller that says he purchased an Orville SG K 095511 at the Shibuya Ishibashi musical instrument shop 20 years ago and hung it up as a decoration but it fell down and cracked the neck.
It still has the original stickers on the pickguard and judging by the frets it doesn't seem to have been played much.

If this is true it means the K serial Orvilles were probably the first Orvilles made in the late 80's with the Orville by Gibson models appearing in 1988 and the usual serial Orvilles appearing in 1989 and replacing the K serial Orvilles.
It also might explain why the K serial Orvilles seem to be Les Pauls and SG's only with the first Orvilles made being the most popular models (LP and SG) and the other models (ES-335 Firebird etc) being made later.

I thought the K serial Orvilles came more from the late 90's but looks like I was wrong (again).


This commodity because crack has entered into the neck, becomes the junk item. At the Shibuya Ishibashi musical instrument it purchased 20 years ago. It cracks the neck being to have decorated in the bay window of the house,, but being to fall from there it does. Sound is sounded with the amplifier and abnormality does, being not to be, but in addition to there is no 1 chord, thing and the fret mark which are rusted (it is on 5 frets and the pick cover of the picture) there is no adhesion and understanding after receiving, bid that it can receive having taken, we ask. You insert in ? which has appeared in the picture and dispatch.It has become the color where color of white is good fading.

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Post by orvilleowner » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:14 am

On earlier uses of the "Orville" name, a well-known music-biz person and guitar collector told me this:

"Orville began as a very cheap and low quality line of guitars in the
70's equal to or below the Japanese Epiphones of that era. Gibson showed
some balls to bring that name back for the later series of the 90's.
Most of the old 70's Orville's don't have set necks and have a cheap
plate on the back with 4 screws. I guess that this is one way to tell
the old ones from the good ones that Gibson made."

I couldn't find any mention or evidence of these bolt-on Orvilles from the 70's.

I've never seen any hard evidence regarding the so-called Korean Orvilles (regarding their nationality or time frame).

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Post by villager » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:12 pm

i always thought that the korean orvilles were an experiment in 93 only....

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