Pots aka Potentiometers - A couple of interesting reads

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Pots aka Potentiometers - A couple of interesting reads

Post by guitar hiro » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:25 am

I'm not up to speed on the whole volume pot/tone pot thing & was digging around; located a couple of interesting articles on pots.

Pots are something that I typically don't think about much but the recent installation of the Dry Zs in my Bacchus BLP-FM Relic got me more interested. The reason being that once the Dry Zs were installed the volume pots seem to operate differently; can't explain why though.

So, here are the two articles; be sure to check out the Alpha, Bourns, and CTS links in the second link.

https://guitar.com/guides/essential-gui ... tiometers/

https://wgsusa.com/blog/choose-perfect- ... volume-pot
A = Alnico :lol:

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