Tokai Goldstar Made in Japan no serial number

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Tokai Goldstar Made in Japan no serial number

Post by Puma1976 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:12 am

Good morning,
I recently purchased a Tokai Goldstar AST 50 guitar. There was no serial or the writing made in Japan. By sending the photos to the Tokai support, they confirmed to me that this is a production of the year 2000 made in Japan but released without a serial or written Made in Japan.
I have seen others made in the same period without serial and without production site writings. I wanted to know if any other person has already met these Tokai.
Thank you ... s=5e132621 ... s=5e132759 ... s=5e132763 ... s=5e132773 ... s=5e132780 ... s=5e13278a

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