your first/favourite fender-japan?

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your first/favourite fender-japan?

Post by HAMAMATSU » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:11 pm

8) i have bought the fender-japan, 6 in the past and they were all good! some of them were made by fujigen, some were by tokai i guess. i still miss some of them today and regret to have sold them. my first one was ST72-US pickups in black/maple from 1987. this black angel was the first fender-japan baby of mine. the fender-japan ended a few years ago but the japanese fender products still continue to the future it seems today. thats great and TWANG! whats yours & story?
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Post by Loudmouse » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:49 am

I've had 2, a matching set of strat and P-Bass.
E serials, maple necks with skunk stripe. Good ones.
I sold the P-bass because the neck was too big for my little chimp hands.
Kept the contemporary strat with the system 1 trem.
I have better pics of them somewhere.



I heard they threatened Tokai with a lawsuit, but they never got to Cort?

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Post by guitar hiro » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:33 am

I have owned several MIJ Fenders; Extrad, Custom Edition, ORDER MADE, but most of what I have left now are a few E serial necks & bodies that were parted together to make some great Strats. 8)
I also have a F serial '57 neck, and an I serial '54 neck that are ready for future projects.
I have a mint condition lefty '68 reissue maple cap neck; the maple cap is very nicely figured & flamed. I have it on an old right hand E serial body. It is one of my favorite Strats. :)

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Post by marcusnieman » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:17 pm

E series hardtail/three color burst/rosewood board strat. Really a great guitar.

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Post by felixcatus » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:10 am

HAMAMATSU wrote: whats yours & story?
This 2014 Dyna Gakki ST54 VSP (with 1982 Fullerton Red Bobbins added) reaffirmed my preference for Tokai's! :o :wink:



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Post by Denly7876 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:48 am

This guitar pic is so awesome.

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