Cat's Eye CE-1500 on craigslist in my area.

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Cat's Eye CE-1500 on craigslist in my area.

Post by Loudmouse » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:57 am

I know absolutely nothing about it, just thought I'd pass it along in case it was something good. They want $1250 for it. ... 93519.html

I'll add the body of the text, I'd add a screenshot if I had a new picture hosting service.

"This dreadnaught was built in Japan in the late 1970s or possibly the early 1980s. It is all solid wood, with rosewood back and sides (possibly Brazilian). It has a seismic transducer pickup installed under the bridge by the late master luthier D.W. Stevens. The guitar is in overall excellent condition. It does have one small repaired crack (maybe 1.5" long) near the edge of the back that was repaired before I purchased it around 30 years ago. The crack is hard to see (invisible in the photos). The tone is rich and complex, and though it isn't a cannon in terms of volume, it projects well for flatpicking and for fingerpicking. The action is medium low.

The same model guitar was listed for $2495 on a few years ago, though I don't know if it sold at that price. Here is the link to that listing: ... ngs-lowden

The guitar comes with a top of the line TKL case (brown exterior with pink interior). "
I heard they threatened Tokai with a lawsuit, but they never got to Cort?

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Post by luis » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:54 am

LS-150 equivalent but in acoustics. Second top model at the time rigth below 2000. High quality. I had a CE-1000 some time ago. It was a very good acoustic Martin guitar I passed it to another person because I can't stand Martin Dreadnough feel and sound (It seems it is for strummers and I do play with my finguers). I will try a OM model next time.

My only concern would be that repaired top I dislike on acoustics/classical guitars, I do preferno repairs there.Try it and see how you like it....

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