Help to identify a fernandes strat

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Help to identify a fernandes strat

Post by agiant » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:58 pm

Hi all! First post :)

I need some help to identify this 1995 Fernandes strat.

- Originally bought from a store in Europe (Madrid, Spain), in the 90s
- Correct fender headstock shape
- Electric Sound Research Group logo
- No “limited edition”, “revival”, “custom body”, etc. in the headstock
- No sticker or SN in the back of the headstock
- The neck plate only says “Fernandes”
- LE-X printed in the neck pocket, with the date (dec 23 1995)
- Ceramic pickups
- Allen Nut Hot Rod
- Body routed for humbuckers
- 5-piece body
- 1-ply pickguard
- The original tuners were replaced by Hamer Gotoh style tuners
- Sounds gooooood :)

I can't find any info about the LE-X model.

Thanks in advance! 8)

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