how would I go about refinishing a headstock?

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how would I go about refinishing a headstock?

Post by JJMcG » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:21 am

So I've always had the horn for matching body/headstocks - especially on strat guitars with rosewood finger boards.

I've recently bought a cheap Charvel off ebay as a project guitar, allthough its a vintage cx 291 - its never going to appreciate in value by mega bucks due to the massive swimming pool that hides under the pickguard - so I'm toying with the idea of refinishing the headstock the same colour as the body and then sticking an old school logo on it, as oppose to the toothpaste logo.

Have any of you guy's got any hints or tips for what the process would be starting from removing the old logo? Although I work as a professional wood butcher in theatre - my finishing skills are'nt anywhere near good. So any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers - JJ
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