Tokai on Ebay

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Tokai on Ebay

Post by Scruffy56 » Tue Aug 13, 2002 10:52 pm

Hi all,

Does anyone here have any idea about the model # of this one? ... =899603542

Like old guitars?

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Post by javelin70 » Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:55 am

It could be anything from TLS-80 and upwards (TLS-100, TLS-150, TLS-200). The pickups seem to have been replaced, I think only the TLS-50 had pickups without covers. Looking at the serial number it's a 1984 second run (402xxxx), probably made in the last 6 months of '84. I have a 1984 TLS-50 (serial 401xxxx) that I bought new in July '84, it's a great guitar. If the guitar is in good condition the reserve price seems to have been quite low. The last Love Rock I saw for sale here in Sweden was a cherry sunburst TLS-50, the asking price was slightly over $800 US.


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Post by Novosel » Wed Aug 14, 2002 1:04 am

This looks almost identical to my Love Rock ALS60, which I bought new in 1988. In fact, its only a few serial numbers away. The only difference is mine has a pickguard and PU covers (but has Zebras underneath). Also mine is Vintage Cherry, I'm not sure from the pictures what this colour is.

Quality wise, I couldn't be happier with mine - great neck, light weight, beautiful flametop, good sustain, very satisfied with the stock Tokai 57 PAF pickups. I'd put it equal to if not better than a production Gibson Les Paul, although not as fine as the Historic series.

Hope this helps, Gary

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