i need help quick guys (ebay tokais)

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Post by mbramble » Mon Apr 22, 2002 12:15 pm


This guy "yoshiyuki kyutan" (beachboys0914) who sells all the tokais on ebay. He gets them secondhand from places in japan. What does anyone know about him / his guitars.

Ned he tells me he knows you and that. So what are your views on him.

Its just i keep wanting to bid on his springy sounds, but they seem a little odd. They may be fine - it may be my lack of knowledge. His springy sound was originally advertised as 1978 - then changed to 1981 (ok i s'pose). but looking closer the bridge saddles say 'tokai' on them, i thought they were always meant to say 'final prospec' and the tuning pegs say 'tokai' on them, i thought they were meant to say 'original'.

Does this sound okay. If so - cool. but i'd like your advice.


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Post by TommyR » Mon Apr 22, 2002 2:03 pm

Martin, older tokai st models had 'Tokai' stamped on the bridge saddles and on the tuners. This was the case with the Les Paul Reborn models as well. I don't know when they changed it to final prospec/deluxe - probably '81 or '82. The Beach boys' gear looks to be accurately described as far as I can see.

Hope that helps.

Tommy R

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