New amp for Oze

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New amp for Oze

Post by Ozeshin » Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:32 am

I bought one of these second hand today.
Hands down the loudest 45watter I've heard could feel the low end thumping you in the chest.

* Powerful 45-Watt digital modeling workstation with 16 classic amp and cabinet models
* Original heavy-duty 10' BUGERA dual-cone full-range speaker for faithful sound reproduction
* 100 memory locations?easily editable and storable
* 24-bit stereo multi-effects processor including first-class stomp box simulations
* Amp/speaker simulation, compressor, noise gate, EQ, modulation effects, delay and reverb simultaneously or in any combination
* Awesome modulation and pitch bend effects
* Extremely low-noise instrument input ensures maximum guitar signal integrity
* Stereo RCA Auxiliary input for line-level signals (CD, soundcard, monitoring, etc.)
* Remote preset selection and tuner activation (footswitch FS112 included) and remote Wah or continuous FX control (pedal FCV100 optional)
* Super-precise and adjustable auto-chromatic tuner


Re: New amp for Oze

Post by stratman323 » Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:37 am

Ozeshin could feel the low end thumping you in the chest.
You're sure that wasn't just your body telling you you're too old for all that loud stuff?




PS Notice how I managed to refrain from commenting on the name of the speaker....

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