NEEDED: Pickguard for my Love Rock

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Post by Guest » Wed Jul 11, 2001 10:55 am

New to the board here, please bear with me.

I just picked up a Korean Love Rock. It came WITHOUT the pickguard at the time of purchase. The salesman explained so it doesn't block up the 'fotoflame'. Anyway, he wanted to install a cream pickguard, but a standard LP pickguard doesn't fit...something about the pick-up rings are sized different, etc etc...I was advised that Epiphone LP parts will fit a Korean Love Rock...

Long story short...does anyone have a cream-coloured pickguard and hardware to fit my Korean LoveRock????

Please respond to my email address, as I may not get back to the message board to check on responses.....thank you.....


[Anonymously Posted by: 'Tony Venn']

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