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Ibanez TL-5 Tremolo

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 7:53 am    Post subject: Ibanez TL-5 Tremolo Reply with quote


I picked up a second-hand Ibanez Soundtank Tremolo yesterday for 25 euros. I read some encouraging reviews from harmony-central, and since I've been looking for a affordable tremolo-pedal for some time now, I decided to give it a change.

The pedal is made from plastic and it's not the most reliable-looking pedal around, but I think it will survive most situations. I just hope I'm not going to drop anything heavy on it. The jacks and the dc-input are in the top end of the pedal, which is definately a plus.

There are three knobs, level, rate and depht. You can boost the effected signal with the level knob quite a lot. A really nice feature. The rate knob has the most usable speeds around three o'clock and it's a little difficult to dial in the exact speed. I would prefer to have less range and easier dialing for rate. The red led flashes in the tempo of the effect, which makes it a bit easier. The depht goes from nothing to very subtle to nice round tremolo. You can't get helicopter-effect from this thing, the effect is way too subtle for that. But what you get is nice round tremolo, which has very organic sound to it, it seems to wary a little bit with each pulsation.

I tested the pedal with a chinese Vox AC-30 and compared the tremolo effect of the amp to the pedal. The amp tremolo was even softer than the pedal and it seemed to cut the highs a bit. The pedal seems to be more full-frequency effect, so it doesn't color your basic sound.

I used to have Roger Mayer Voodoo-vibe pedal which is the ultimate tremolo in my opinion, but it's just so big and expensive and really difficult to use, that I sold it. I have a Pearl CH-02 chorus and this Ibanez tremolo and I'm happy for now.


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