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Post by Guest » Thu Mar 22, 2001 6:31 pm

Hello all,

Is there somebody who knows if an Epiphone Japan is the same as a Tokai Japan? I mean, if they're built in the same factory? I have only seen these a couple of times on the internet and at the Ishibashi website ( http://www.ishibashi.co.jp/epiphone/epi-jpn/epi-jpn.htm ).
Is there anybody who knows these guitars and can compare it with a Tokai?
And the same question about Greco guitars. I've heard these were made by the old Ibanez customshop in Japan, but I also heard that was the same factory as the Tokai's.

Thanks and see you,

P.S. Does anybody know where I can buy Tokai love rock guitars in the Netherlands?

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Post by Guest » Sun Apr 22, 2001 6:57 pm

Those Japanese Epi's are nice looking guitars! I need to get my babies( loverocks) some brothers and sisters to play with :smile:
Anybody have any info about the Japanese Epi's- quality of construction, hardware, electronics, etc? I have heard that the Japan models compare favorably to the mid-range Japanese Tokai's- and are many times better than the Korean models currently available in the USA. Can anyone help?
Mucas Garcia
P.S.- Fernandes and Greco are still going full steam in Japan. Fernandes has some killer looking LP's and Flying V's- Greco has a beautiful 6/12 doubleneck at a very reasonable price.

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Post by Guest » Sun Apr 29, 2001 4:24 pm

I was looking in a pawn shop the other day and saw an intersting guitar. It said Orville by Gibson on the headstock. Been trying to find some info on the net without much luck. It was a Les Paul copy. I did find out that Gibson was making these guitars in Japan and was only selling them in Japan. I was in the pawn shop looking at an Aria Pro Gold top. I took the back plate off and it was PLYwood!! I was hoping it was one of those late 70's copies. Unfortunately it wasn't. I'm definitely going back and getting that ORville!!

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Post by Guest » Sat May 19, 2001 9:00 am

I am seeing a Samick catalogue and it seems to me some korean tokai models are very similar to samick ones.I know Samick is making epiphones,so,could this brad be making the korean tokais?SVE-130 samick strat and AST-33 tokai are very very close.The only differences are wood(nato and ash on Samicks instead alder on Tokais,and a few cosmeticals).

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